Why Good Product Images Are Vital to E-commerce Sites

Many aspects contribute to the success of your e-commerce site and overall shopping experience of your customers. One of these are product images. Too often, companies fail to acknowledge the importance these images can have on your bottom line, yet poor product images can quickly lose your company a lot of sales.

Customers Can’t Touch Items Online

In a physical store, people can handle the products. They can touch them, try them on, and carefully inspect them prior to purchasing. A big downfall of e-commerce sites is that customers are unable to do this. This causes them to be more timid in their purchases, due to a fear products may not be exactly as described. As an e-commerce site, your primary way of easing customer’s fears are through product images.

Trying to Replicate the Physical Shopping Experience

The better product images are, the more your e-commerce site is able to replicate the physical shopping experience. The best product images are those your customers can interact with. These are the images which can be turned to see all sides, zoomed in or out of, and allow the highest definition possible so customers can see the product’s texture.

Not all companies can produce these interactive product images, however. If this isn’t possible for your company, you can still increase the quality of your images. First, ensure you post multiple images so customers can see each side or view of the product. At the very least, customers should be able to enlarge or zoom in on product images.

Images should be of the highest possible quality. Low-quality images do not give customers a realistic portrayal of what they will be receiving. Low-quality images, or worse; no product images at all, are the quickest route to failure for e-commerce companies.

Pay Attention to Product Descriptions, Too

In addition to high quality (and possibly interactive) product images, descriptions should be detailed and realistic. These work hand-in-hand with product images to give your customers an idea of what their purchasing from you. The more details you can give between the description and image, the closer you are to replicating the physical shopping experience.


You want to get your e-commerce site’s shopping experience as close as possible to a physical store. This is why product images are vital. If you ensure product images are of the highest possible quality and are working with your item descriptions, you should soon see an increase in sales and overall customer satisfaction.

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