Generating Leads Through Facebook: 6 Essential Strategies

With over one billion active users each day, there is no doubt that Facebook represents a powerful tool for reaching new audiences, promoting your business, and generating a constant stream of new, qualified leads. However, making the most of Facebook’s potential requires a bit of know-how and an effective marketing strategy. Below are some of the most effective, time-tested techniques for using Facebook to generate qualified leads for any kind of business.

Focus on Strong Content

When it comes to generating leads, it’s crucial to remember that people aren’t interested in reading ad copy. They are looking for engaging, informative, and thought-provoking content, and creating your own content with that in mind is the most important step in hooking new customers. Do some research into the kinds of questions or issues that people in your target audience have, and find a way to address them through your content, whether that’s in the form of articles, infographics, images, or videos. Guest posting on blogs related to your industry is another great way to boost your exposure and reach an audience that is already likely to be interested in your products and services, and building a reputation as an authority in your field is an excellent way to keep your business at the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Create a Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a no-brainer, since it provides a more direct way to interact with your audience and provide up-to-date information on new products and services, contests or giveaways, and general industry knowledge. But don’t fall into the trap of just throwing together a basic page and letting it collect dust–use all of the tools at your disposal by creating an attention-grabbing header image with keywords or a call to action so that people know exactly what you have to offer, and fill in as much information as possible so that no one has to struggle to get in contact with you.

Don’t Underestimate Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best channels for generating leads and reaching new customers, but it’s important to take a more relaxed, social approach to them instead of immediately launching into a sales pitch. Groups are often highly specific, which makes them an ideal way to reach out to people who are interested in exactly the niche your product or service appeals to, so it’s a good idea to join a few and get to know the community by participating in discussions, answering questions, or sharing content. Of course, you can also create your own groups for even more specific targeted marketing, but be careful not to let too much of your time and energy get sidetracked.

Run Effective Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are some of the most effective tools in your arsenal for attracting new customers and generating leads, but in order to be truly effective, you have to be strategic. While a big-ticket giveaway, such as a new iPhone, might attract an enormous number of participants, virtually none of those people are going to be interested in your business or product, and you are unlikely to generate many viable leads. Instead, offer something that only has value to people who might become your customers, whether that means an extended trial or free subscription for one of your services, a free spot in your next webinar, or a free product with relevance to your industry. And keep in mind that the means of entering contests and giveaways can be used to your advantage, as well–making entry contingent on following or liking your page, retweeting a post, or signing up for your newsletter will give you even more exposure and more opportunities for lead generation.

Connect With Your Audience

One of the biggest pitfalls that businesses fall into when it comes to Facebook marketing is ignoring potential customers and simply using the platform to advertise their products. Facebook provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience by participating in discussions, answering questions, sharing content, and striking up casual conversations, all of which help establish you as a helpful and authoritative member of the community. For younger consumers, it is especially important to be seen as more than just another brand or corporation, and connecting through Facebook is one of the easiest ways to show your company’s human side.

Use Facebook Lead Ads

If you are willing to allocate a small portion of your marketing budget specifically to Facebook, using the site’s lead ads can be an effective option with plenty of flexibility and helpful analytical data. The ads offer a low-commitment method for your audience to connect to your business by signing up to receive more information through Facebook’s own simple and streamlined process, which is especially beneficial for attracting phone or tablet users. You can customize your lead campaign by setting a budget, audience, placement, and scheduling, and Facebook even shows you your estimated daily reach. When your campaign is finished, you can easily download all of the contact information from new leads and use them to coordinate future marketing efforts. Lead ads aren’t for everyone, and they do require you to have a modest marketing budget in order to see the best results, but they can be a very useful tool for anyone looking to maximize new leads.

Facebook provides enormous potential for any savvy business owner to generate leads, build a community, and boost brand identity, but the number of tools available through the platform can be overwhelming, and not all of them are an effective use of time or money. By applying the strategies above, virtually any business owner can leverage the power of Facebook to guide new customers through the marketing funnel and towards a sale.

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